"Family Surrounds (Sunset)"

Artist Statement

Trees are planted when children are born. Their branches grow toward sunlight, some branches are lost, new leaves sprout, their roots dig deep into soil, clay, and push rock. They are shaped and encouraged by surrounding trees and structures. A tree's growth is easily seen as a metaphor for our lives, in the decisions we make, our surroundings, communities and families influencing who we become.
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Technical Information

This is an original hand pulled linocut and collagraph print. There are two separate editions of "Family Surrounds (Sunset)". They are labeled, "I" and "II". The first is an edition of three. The second is an edition of four, in which you will notice that the collagraph is unchanged from the first edition and the linocut silhouette of trees has been carved more in the lower fifth of the image. Even though these are in editions, every print is unique due to the manual inking and printing process.

"Family Surrounds (Sunset)" prints are available for purchase (click here).

About Me

I am a printmaker who grew up in a small town with a strong sense of community on the far south side of Grand Rapids. I have continued to make images of the changing landscapes around me as I have called new communities home, to document and tell the stories of these communities.

It is change that brings me to make artwork...
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Please send questions and comments to jules.schmuker@gmail.com.

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